IF-R5 Automatic Mattress Roll-Packing Machine

Item No.: 00170
Model: IF-R5
Application: Mattress Packing
Brand Name: Infinity Mattress Machinery
Certificates: ISO9001, IEC, CE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF (optional)
Time of Delivery: 10~20 working days

►IF-R5 Automatic Mattress Roll-Packing Machine is a machine for mattress roll wrappingmainly used for wrapping the packaging of sponge mattress (latex) or pocket spring mattress (no border) products.

►IF-R5 Automatic Mattress Roll-Packing Machine has the advantage of high production efficiency, and can quickly packing a mattress in 35-40 seconds. Save on transportation shipping and inventory costs.
►Base on the easy installation, IF-R5 Automatic Mattress Roll-Packing Machine is simple for workers to operate, automatic packaging mattress process, low packaging costs, each mattress only need a diameter of about 320mm PVC bags or PE

Technical Specification
Model IF-R5
 Machine size L3300*W2800*H1600mm
Outlet diameter 270, 320, 340, 370, 420mm (can be customized)
Work efficiency 60pcs/hour
Maximum power 5.5KW
Gas source pressure 0.8Mpa
Weight 2500kg
Total power 12.15kw
Product Feature
   Easy to operate and install, mattress and bag can be placed to complete the operation automatically
  Workers can quickly control the machine proficiently within 5 minutes of study
  Adopt PLC program control and artificial intelligence operation
  Low packing cost of each mattress and save the material
  The volume of foam mattress can be reduced greatly after rolling packing
  Save on shipping and inventory costs
  Suitable for foam density which is below 30kg/cubic meters
  High efficiency and less labor
  According to different requirements, different sizes of outlets are designed to suit the coils of sponge mattresses of different densities and thicknesses
  The machine is compact and convenient to installation and maintain 

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